Content Creator

Brian is a cannabis content creator and consultant. He is an award-winning cannabis documentary filmmaker and niche historian who has curated hemp and cannabis exhibits for mainstream museums. He is a specialized adviser for media companies and other creative, content rich projects, including podcasts, articles, and leading television series and documentaries.

Media & Film

Kind Media

Adviser and co-producer of cannabis content for a Los Angeles based creative production company. Kind Media develops and produces network television, digital channels, podcasts, experiential programs and activations.

The Cannabis Chronicles

Adviser and co-producer of a five-part documentary series with Academy award nominated filmmaker Mark Kitchell. The Cannabis Chronicles promises to be a defining series that tells the story of the world’s most popular illegal drug, the movements to legalize it, and how it has changed our culture.


Produced over 60 hours of video footage including interviews with cannabis industry experts and pioneers. These interviews capture the rich history of the cannabis movement, including the stories of the activists who paved the way for medical marijuana legalization.

Content Advisor

As a cannabis content specialist, historian and leader of cannabis tourism, Brian has been featured on various media outlet channels including: NBC Emmy Award-winning documentary series, Bay Area Revelations, featured on-camera historian for the Green Rush documentary, San Francisco Chronicle, Press Democrat, Cannabis Now Magazine,, 7×7, San Francisco Reporter, Aloft Magazine, The Bohemian, Skunk Magazine, Pineapple Magazine, Cannabis Aficianado and others.

Event & Exhibit Curation

Grassroots: Cannabis from Prohibition to Prescription

Co-curator of cannabis history exhibit for the Museum of Sonoma County. Curated and facilitated content that shares about the global cannabis history and the local bay area cannabis history.

Pioneers of the Green Rush

A program panel for the Museum of Sonoma County. Assembled and moderated a panel of bay area cannabis pioneers to storytell about the movement. This sold out event was filmed and audio recorded.

Outlaws of the 20th Century, Rum Runners and Pot Growers

Co-curator of cannabis history exhibit for the Kelley House Museum of Mendocino County. Curated and facilitated content that shares about the California cannabis history and local Mendocino cannabis history.

Pioneers of Pot Talk

Organized a Q & A program for the Kelley House Museum of Mendocino County. Billed as a “Sunday Afternoon with Pioneers of Pot”, interviewed legendary activist Pebbles Trippet about the movement.


Brian creates original infographics that share about the cannabis movement and its iconic leaders who paved the way. These visual storytelling tools mark pivotal times, moments and places in cannabis history. They illustrate the influence of cannabis on American society, from music and culture, to beatniks and hippies, the Vietnam War and the AIDs crisis, medical legalization and other extraordinary cannabis stories.