Exploring Cannabis and Hemp Adoption in Destination Advocacy - The Green Wave Podcast Episode with Brian Applegarth and Racene Friede

The Green Wave Podcast Episode 15: The Architects of Destination Advocacy

Published On: January 29th, 2023Categories: Destination Marketing, Interviews & Podcasts, Travel Trends

Explore the transformative landscape of cannabis and hemp adoption in this episode of The Green Wave Podcast. Delve into the societal shift that marked 2022, as cannabis and hemp gained widespread acceptance and intersected with the world of destination organizations. Joined by guests Brian Applegarth and Racene Friede, President and CEO of Glacier Country Tourism, Montana, the episode unveils the dynamic role that destination organizations play in embracing this trend. Gain insights into policy shifts, legislative changes, and the far-reaching influence of the green wave, as well as actionable inspiration for community engagement. Whether you’re an advocate, enthusiast, or curious learner, tune in to navigate the evolving narrative of cannabis and hemp adoption and understand how destination advocacy can ride the wave of change.