Destination Marketing Organization University Podcast with Brian Applegarth, The Maximization of Destination Cannabis

DMOU Episode 120: The Maximization of Destination Cannabis with Brian Applegarth

Published On: August 8th, 2023Categories: Destination Marketing, Interviews & Podcasts

In the evolving realm of cannabis tourism, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) face a unique opportunity as more American states legalize recreational use.

This episode of DMOU features an insightful interview with Brian Applegarth, an authority on cannabis and tourism. Applegarth shares strategies for DMOs to overcome stigma and emphasize the wellness, inclusivity, and community aspects of cannabis. By reframing the narrative, DMOs can highlight the advantages cannabis tourism brings to their destinations.

The episode also explores the therapeutic potential of cannabis in health and wellness tourism, offering a distinctive dimension to destination experiences.

Additionally, Applegarth discusses how cannabis tourism fosters inclusivity and unity, contributing to a more harmonious destination culture. This conversation underscores the transformative potential of cannabis tourism for DMOs, positioning them as pioneers in this emerging sector and promising visitor engagement and economic growth.